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About Hvalfugl

In the intersection between the lightly flowing and the great and heavy, we find the folk trio Hvalfugl - a band that have created a sound that is entirely their own, through beautiful melodies inspired by both the Danish and the Swedish folk music tradition. In this universe the sun can shine from a clear sky, and the rain can fall from a dark and grey November cloud. Hvalfugl’s original compositions are both beautiful and melancholic, and from the first note they create an intimate atmosphere in the space they inhabit with their music.


Random Name

Anders Juel Bomholt

Double Bass

Born in 1992 og studies folk- and world music at the music conservatory of Göteborg, Sweden. Anders has let himself be inspired by scandinavian traditional music, but also contemporary music and jazz. With his great passion for melodies, Anders is a unique double bass player in his lyrical approach to basslines and melodies(..)


Random Name

Jeppe Lavsen


Born 1992 and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus in 2015. Jeppe has been a part of many jazz and world orchestras in the Aarhus area and now works as a freelance musician. With his background in jazz and improvisation, Jeppe brings a different approach to the traditional folk genre. Through dynamic play with melodies, spherical harmonies and effects, Jeppe gives his own personal touch to the style.


Random Name

Jonathan Fjord Bredholt

Piano / Harmonium

Born in 1993 and raised in a musical home where both Danish and Eastern European music has been widely represented. Jonathan has played music since he was very young, and since early age he has grown his interest in Nordic folk music. In addition, he likes to move in many other genres like jazz, pop and improvisational music. His inspirations can be heard through the versatile and mature playing focusing on dynamics and expressions. Has graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2017.

Upcoming Shows

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A Day In October

On an aumtumn day in October, we went to rehearse in a small cabin in the beautiful woods of Jutland. This is what came out of it, three tunes in one day!


In the summer of 2017 we released our first album, By. But a month earlier we released this single recorded from the studio of the tune Novemberhymne